A tactical entrepreneur, business leader and data intelligence engineer with a track record of complex innovation and cutting, edge technical acumen. Results driven. Passionate and Creative. Striving for Excellence.


Tactical Entrepreneur:
Innovative Technologies + Concept Development

Jerry has a solid track record of leading the way with technological vision and facilitating the application and implementation of ideas to support success in every endeavor. He doesn’t quit and he doesn’t like to lose. When Jerry’s name is attached to the work, his commitment to excellence is part of the deal. Creating business value and return on investment are at the forefront of every new concept Jerry takes on, along with strategic planning, executive-level development and the design of scalable infrastructure that brings comprehensive support to ensure lasting value to investors as well as end users.

Among Jerry’s numerous business development accomplishments are the streamlining of business intelligence solutions for Fortune 500 companies, the application of experienced business intelligence to address the fiscal needs of major financial institutions and the management of billions of dollars of capital for numerous national companies.


Publishing has allowed me to network with other scholars and to further refine my own ideas and research. It’s something I enjoy immensely and hope that these papers will help others further their science and welcome any opportunities to collaborate.


I’ve communicated my science to over 40 academic conferences, organised several international workshops, delivered multiple invited tutorial presentations including a keynote to 500 engineering students.